funwin – you play | you win

Gaming platform with winning chances

funwin is an unique gaming platform on the internet especially developed for the coin-op industry to get access to the lucrative online games business.

Genuine skill games

The core of the platform is formed by the popular PHOTO PLAY games and a multitude of new developed skill games. These can be played in the single player mode or in real time competitions against players all over the world. The latter is also possible with winning chances.

Ultimate game experience

funwin offers a fascinating combination of games and exciting competitions, which enable players from around the world to fight for real money winnings.

  • Singleplayer games
    About 50 exciting skill games in the single player modus
  • Knockout tournament
    A player competes against another one, round per round. The one who beats all the others throughout the tournament is the champion.
  • Multiplayer match
    Direct, worldwide LIVE competitions with up to four players.
  • Multiplayer challenge
    Players can start their own tournaments or join one of their competitors.