Become a licensee

Your own arcade on the internet

S&T AG - Division funworld offers operators the great possibility to become a funwin licensee and benefit from strong sales which the unique combination of the vending industry and the internet offers, even if your venue no longer exists.

Licensed partners always benefit from their players: No matter when and where the player plays on the funwin platform – whether it is in the restaurant, in the gaming hall, in an internet café or at home on the computer –– you as a partner never stop earning money.

Thus, funwin licensees are able to open their own gambling hall on the internet without any effort and attract numerous benefits from this:

  • booming online gaming market
  • attractive games
  • always online – 24/7
  • exciting tournament forms
  • long-term player loyalty
  • acquiring new players on and via the internet
  • continual updates and development of the platform
  • secure online payment
  • various promotions (jackpot, free roll, bonus, lucky cards)
  • players' support
  • attractive facebook page
  • clear administration and control program
  • touch-screen optimized
  • optional: White-Label solution (own branding)