Customer specific design

Besides our standard devices it is also possible to design a children’s terminal which is specifically tailored to your company. The flexibility of the large front panel allows an individual housing design or custom branding. This enables a perfect integration of the children’s terminal in every location.

Another attractive option offers our installation kit, which can be easily integrated into your existing furniture. For example, assimilated into a wall, it represents the ideal play area which ensures that even the smallest possible surface generates the maximum play value.

Whether your business is an indoor playground, a shopping mall, a restaurant, an airport, a bank or a retail store, we are offering the perfect solution for your children’s play area. In a close collaboration we design the ideal kids corner which is perfectly linked to your brand or industry.

As a further service, we offer to adapt the games to your business by integrating your brand logo, mascot od CI/CD.

Below you can find a selection of several customer specific projects already implemented in the past.

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  • terminal branding Kinepolis
  • terminal branding City Center Slovenia
  • Installation kit and wall  branding,City Centers Slovenia
  • terminal branding Brain Wash
  • terminal branding indoor playground Wakiki
  • terminal branding, Connyland adventure park, Switzerland
  • terminal branding & design
  • terminal branding & design
  • Installation kit at Mc Donalds
  • terminal branding for Turkey
  • Integration of company mascot in Touch Toy software
  • customer specific design