See what our customers and partners from various industries say about Touch Toy.


Hospitals and doctor’s offices

"The idea has become a big success! Children who are more introverted take on contact with other children and talk about a COMMON issue.“ (Dipl.Sr. Adelheid Fabits, Children‘s Hospital of Linz)

„Touch Toy actively contributes to behavioral and mood improvement. We have noticed this especially at very aggressive patients.“ (Dr. Karin Loidl-Gnauer, Clinical Psychologist, Children‘s Hospital of Linz)

“It’s the best thing the doctor has ever purchased. And the best of all, the children are no longer afraid of the dentist.” (Dental assistant Elisabeth, Wartburg)

„Touch Toy motivates the children to get up and play. They often even forget that they are sick. The terminals are also used as a reward for the young patients.“ (Dipl.Sr. Adelheid Fabits, Children‘s Hospital of Linz)

“The kids are distracted and busy while their parents are treated. And the children love to come in my surgery.” (DentistDr. Czajlik, Wartburg)



“The kids have fun when playing and learning on the terminal.” (Margit Schattauer, Private Kindergarten Wien)

“Especially for children with disabilities there are no limits. Due to the pleasant voice, children can extend their frustration tolerance for errors and experience that making mistakes is no problem at all.” (Anita Janny, Kindergarten Gmunden)


Sales partner

“My son discovered Touch Toy for his first time at a Landzeit restaurant. He had been so fascinated by the touch screen and the games themselves, that I had a problem to get him out of there.” (Dalibor Prikyl, Partner in Czech Republic)

"The versatility, and technical reliability combined with the fascination of the children makes the Touch Toy an unique product." (Marc Vandepitte, Marco Industries, partner in Belgium)

"I am totally convinced of Touch Toy. It is a very modern device for children that combines technology and positive learning. "(Dalibor Prikyl, partner in CZ)

"In my opinion, in contrast to other, cheaper products, Touch Toy offers the highest quality and safety requirements." (Dalibor Prikyl, partner in CZ)



„According to my pedagogical experts in various industries and sectors, Touch Toy can quite be offered as a supplement to learning resources and play materials for children. The use of age-appropriate, pedagogically valuable and high-quality educational software is an gain to the educational work in the Upper Austrian kindergartens."  (Mag.a Doris Hummer, Member of the Government in Upper Austria)

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