Fronius - Virtual Welding

Project description

For Fronius International, S&T AG - Division funworld developed a welding simulator in form of a self-service terminal and a touchscreen-optimized user interface to simplify the handling of the “virtual coach”. A special 3D-software developed by the University of Applied Sciences in Graz (FH Joanneum) should be able to run on the terminals which supports a realistic presentation of the welding process.

The main reasons for the placing of the contract to S&T AG - Division funworld were the extensive know-how in the design of user-interfaces, and the decades of experience in designing, developing, and producing self-service terminals.

Project implementation

In close cooperation with Fronius International, S&T AG - Division funworld planned, designed, and developed the hardware solution as well as the user interface for the virtual training terminal. Throughout this period, a dedicated project team was available for the costumer, which ensured the effective implementation of the project.

Project result

With the completion of the training terminal “Virtual Welding”, Fronius, S&T AG - Division funworld, and FH Joanneum could report a great, shared success. Training participants now have the opportunity to economically and effectively perform a virtual welding training under realistic conditions. Equipped with welding goggles, a work piece, and a veritable welding arm, the beginner learns directly on the self-service terminal what is important in welding.

“S&T AG - Division funworld supported with extensive experience and advanced know-how in hardware components and their proper interaction; also in the processing of internal processes such as delivery and service” said Michaela Lauchner in the Virtual Welding Blog of April 14th 2010.

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