Microgame - Gam-X

Project description

According to our Italian subsidiary, the goal was to bring the existing online platform for the Italian poker and casino operator Microgame onto a self-service terminal. In a further step we integrated our own skill games into the Microgame platform. The new systems should not only be provided to Microgame and its sub-partners, but also be marketed in Italy.

Project implementation

To ensure a rapid market entry, the project was preceded in two construction phases. Phase 1: S&T AG - Division funworld developed a solution exactly tailored to the needs of the end costumers. In this step, not only the Microgame platform, but also individual applications were optimized for the use on the touchscreen terminals. Phase 2: S&T AG - Division funworld launched counter-top solutions in addition to the self-service terminals.

Project results

The implementation of the project as well as the full cooperation went extremely well for both parties. In Italy, several hundred systems have been placed on the market, so that the community on the online platform can be best supported with new terminal players.

S&T AG - Division funworld could successfully contribute to this project with its expertise in terminal design, its terminal management know-how and of course with its existing games catalog.


  • Gam-X terminal
  • Gam-X Club (bar unit)
  • Gam-X Club
  • Microgame user interface
  • Gam-X Userinterface