New System: PHOTO PLAY Q¹

Never before was the quality standard so high as by PHOTO PLAY Q1 – the new SYSTEM with 16 challenging games inclusive eight multiplayer games and an innovative menu design for huge fun.

PHOTO PLAY Q1 offers an attractive mix of three FUN games, four card games and nine skill games which motivate players to show top-performances and make them absolutely crazy about playing PHOTO PLAY: Boogie Find, Find It (with 350 new images), Elements Square, Kniffler MP, Mau-Mau, Newton 2, Paper Trash, Penguin Attack, Persian Diamonds, Pile-Up, Rommé for 2, Rush Hour, Slotcar Race, Strategy, Stronghold and Terra Cotta.

Due to Elements Square, Find It, Kniffler MP, Mau-Mau, Penguin Attack, Pile-Up, Rommé for 2 and Strategy, PHOTO PLAY Q1 also provides eight multiplayer games encouraging the international PHOTO PLAY community to play challenges in real-time against players from all over the world.

All games of the new SYSTEM are optimized for the PHOTO PLAY MASTERS and with guarantee, strong highlights in the biggest touchscreen tournament system of the industry. Enthused players, exciting tournaments and long-term player binding are the terrific result of this great attraction for players.

State-of-the-art technology

With reference to technology, PHOTO PLAY Q1 meets state-of-the-art technoloy perfectly what reflects the full power of Quanmax as innovative group for sience and technology in PHOTO PLAY for the first time strongly. So all games of PHOTO PLAY Q1 are coded in Adobe Flash and developed for being used with the newst touchsceen technology.

Availble is PHOTO PLAY Q1 either on DVD or as online update for the generations PHOTO PLAY PRO, PHOTO PLAY XTREME and PHOTO PLAY PLUS.

„PHOTO PLAY Q1 stands out through first-class quality and an exciting offer of multiplayer-games, the biggest offer ever since the PHOTO PLAY SYSTEM exists. Fascinating, innovativ and legal, so does PHOTO PLAY Q1 present best entertainment of tomorrow whereby operators can profite from euphoric players successfully“, emphasizes Michael Jeske, CEO Quanmax AG.