TOUCH TOY III – The new interactive children’s terminal

Since September 2012, funworld's interactive touch screen children’s terminal embeds itself in a new and trendy design. Whether in a restaurant, shopping mall, hotel, bank or a doctor’s office, TOUCH TOY magically attracts the little ones’ attention and encourages them with sensible games and gives parents a bit of stress relief as well as some time to themselves to run errands without interruption.



The very popular, colourful kids terminal TOUCH TOY II has been extended to a more modern and timeless design. TOUCH TOY III will be available in two different models (Frog = green, Dino = orange), however, both offer the possibility for individual design and custom branding.

In order to integrate TOUCH TOY III perfectly into every respective location, customers can chose between a wall unit, a device with saddle seat, a bench seat with back rest or a bench seat without back rest.

Learning through play

TOUCH TOY encompasses eight games suitable for children, which sustainably support children’s concentration, creativity and their ability to learn. The games Counting, Words, Drawing, Puzzle, Painting, Duo, Melody and Detective train their basic knowledge and memory through play. The games involve counting objects, filling in missing letters, painting, matching pairs of images, playing back sounds, drawing, and finding the differences between pictures. The requirements of the games correspond to children’s developmental milestones, and there are two levels of difficulty in Counting and Words. Despite the games’ high educational content there is never a shortage of fun playing the game, as the amusing games are quite fun for children and excellent gaming experiences overall.

“All games were developed in collaboration with child psychologists and educators and are suitable for children. They demonstrably support the child’s memory capacity and have a pronounced social aspect. They thus have an entertainment, communication and educational impact simultaneously, while offering children a unique game experience”, states Rainer Eder, Product manager Touch Toy.

Child-suitable terminal

In addition to the entertaining games, TOUCH TOY is distinguished by its ease of use, child-appropriate ergonomics and its size, which are ideally suited to children. The terminal is easily operated via touch screen with buttons of appropriate sizes for children.

The terminal’s ergonomics and monitor angle are optimally coordinated for children and free from any danger areas. The terminal’s interactive user guidance was likewise designed to be suitable for children, whereby an encouraging voice guides children through the menu with praise and incentives. This is currently available in 17 languages, including German, English and French.

Individual Design

TOUCH TOY III is available as a seat or wall device. Moreover, there is the option to individually design the front of the terminal so that it perfectly integrates into the respective location. There is relatively little space required, limited to less than 1m2.

Hosts can even convert their own furnishings to the children’s terminal with the OEM KIT, thus achieving optimum integration of TOUCH TOY into the location. This solution is especially interesting for waiting areas in banks or doctor’s surgeries, where harmonic integration is of particular importance.

“Due to the sophisticated and timeless design, Touch Toy 3 is much more versatile than its predecessor. Specifically, the wall unit lends itself perfectly for an even wider range of applications. Whether it is restaurants, shopping malls, medical offices, banks or leisure and indoor parks, Touch Toy 3 provides relaxation time for parents and hands-on learning for kids,” emphasises Eder.

More successful without coin slots

The individual TOUCH TOY design permits advertising to be integrated into the terminal on request. Additionally, it can be operated with or without coin slots, which opens up a whole new business segment for operators. It has been shown that hosts generate very good proceeds via sale or rental of the children’s terminals, even when they are not coin operated. Particularly in the new locations in shopping centres, furniture shops or banks TOUCH TOY works wonderfully as an added service and customer loyalty instrument, as parents can thereby do their shopping and business without interruption.

New market opportunities

TOUCH TOY is already a very successful product in Europe, which is now creating new opportunities for funworld outside of the branch. The children’s terminal, in addition to classic locations in bars or restaurants, is also well suited for hotels, shopping malls, furniture shops, banks, hospitals, and theme and water parks.

For this reason, funworld decided to represent the unique children’s terminal TOUCH TOY at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg in 2013 for the very first time.

“Touch Toy III is the perfect logical progression of Touch Toy II. As more and more business partners from various sectors arise, it was just a logical step to offer Touch Toy in a modern, convertible and attractive designer case. Only those in the branch who have the courage to be innovative and set new trends will be one step ahead. And according to the first customer reactions we can proudly affirm that we had the right feeling, again. Of course, Touch Toy II “FUNtasia” will continue to remain in the program. Its versatility through the large, customizable front panel is unbeatable,” reported Bernd Irouschek, International Sales Manager enthusiastically.

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