Reclamation and repairs

In order to conduct a hardware reclamation or repair, please proceed as follows:

1. Contact the relevant hotline

PHOTO PLAY / touch2web / funwin / Touch DJ / Touch Toy / funselect

AT: +43 7662 6785 9990
DE: +49 1805 304360

sports betting / touch2win

AT: +43 1 3254300
DE: +49 2365 877003 412

and ask for a returned merchandise authorisation number (RMA number). The person on the hotline will need the following information:

  • Main serial number
  • Date of delivery (on guarantee sticker)
  • Detailed description of error indication
  • Name and address
  • Phone, fax and/or e-mail address

2. You receive the returned merchandise authorisation number (RMA number) from our support service via phone, e-mail or fax after your request has been handled. Please keep the transmitted document safely filed.

3. Use suitable packaging for your article to send it safely (original packaging or something similar).

4. Address the parcel as follows:  
S&T AG – Consignment Retoursendung
Am Tower 500
90475 Nürnberg, Germany

Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary that you make the RMA number highly visible on the outside of the parcel, otherwise it can not be assigned to you and will not be accepted for further processing.

Please, always send your defect single parts free of transport costs for S&T AG, the exchanged or repaired part will certainly be returned free of transport charge. Parcels with carriage forward can't be accepted!